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Like our current partners, you too can enjoy these benefits. . .

Whether you love to travel or you are dreaming to start your own travel agency, these reasons are very compelling that you should not delay. Join us now!

You can get access to our own portal/system which is a co-brand with a multi-awarded Dubai-based company. You can book cheaper flights, hotels, sightseeing, transfers and worldwide tour packages. Book flights, hotels and tours worldwide both full carriers like PAL and low cost airlines like AirAsia etc. A must-have for travellers and travel agencies. Here’s the link to get a glimpse of our system.

Get access to another 2 portals as back-up which you can also use to book most travel services. PLUS, a system where you book train tickets, ferries like 2GO, montenegro line, buses etc all across Asia.

Get access to Cebu Pacific system that gives automatic discount of Php300/way/person for international flights. Prices are automatically cheaper for international flights.

Get access to AirAsia system which allows us to get rid booking fees by loading the system. That’s a savings of Php200-400/way/person.

Get access to Jetstar agent system that also allows us to load the system and avoid booking fees. Save Php250/way/person on bookings.

Access to FlyScoot (formerly TigerAir) and save Php250/way/person on booking fees.

Access to Expedia Travel Agency System that gives up to 10% commission on hotel bookings.

Access to 5 more hotel systems that either give up to 10%-20% discount or give us flexibility to adjust the markup.

Enjoy 15% discount on RedDoorz hotels across Asia and 20% discount on ZenRooms worldwide. These are budget hotels that are best for budget travellers.

Access to a worldwide system that provides city tours, optional tours and tickets like Disneyland at the most affordable prices typically lower than the gate prices or market prices.

Earn up to 8% commission on sightseeing, tour packages and tours through a very comprehensive worldwide system associated with TripAdivsor.

Enjoy discounts on customized packages from Zchedulista.

Offer visa assistance
 to your clients on a discounted price.

Get 15% discount on Skyroam Global WIFI packages.

Create promotional videos using our video creation software.

Boost your business using our FREE email & SMS marketing software.

Solid lifetime support
 and more online training by group or one on one at your most convenient time – even at night.

Get a beautiful website
 for your business’s success.
Here are some of the websites we built for our existing partners:

Get a simple android app for your brand upon your request.

Automate your Facebook messenger with free chatbot and earn more.


Get exclusive invite on B2B expo/events so you can connect to more suppliers worldwide.

Ultimately, we can create affiliate sites and metasearch sites for your brand and you earn commission just by promoting these sites. This includes metasearch for flights & hotels, online visa, tour packages, ferries and tickets. We will also help you get access to Agoda/ partner sites so you can earn every time you book in Agoda or by promoting products on your website.

Examples: – earns on every flight or hotel booking of client – earns 5% on every booking of tours – earns commission on every booking of tickets – online visa assistance, earns commission on every visa assistance.

And the list goes on and on. . . 

Again, don’t delay! We are the best in travel agency hosting.
Join us now and avail of our packages.

Important Note:
Inclusions depend on the package

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